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Bouquet de Printemps EDT

Bouquet de Printemps EDT


Top: Lemon Essential Oil               Cold pressed - Italy

Top: Petitgrain Sur Fleurs              Organic - Egypt

Top: Eucalyptus (Blue Malle)        Australia

Top: Manuka Honey                         Wild - New Zealand

Top: Strawberry & Raspberry Essence Natural Isolate - USA

Mid: Acacia Mimosa                         Wild - France

Mid: Cassie Acacia                            Egypt

Mid: Palmarosa                                   Wild - Nepal

Mid: Plumeria Absolute                  India

Base: Quintis Sandalwood            Sustainably grown - Australia

Base: Mitti ka Attar                           India

Base: Hay Absolute diluted          France            

Base: Botanical and Civet Essence Synthetic musk’s used 2% only used in this fragance which is an EDT.  


IFRA compliant and certified. 

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